Dark Engine Issue #1 Review

Tyler Leavy July 17, 2014
Dark Engine Issue #1 Review

Dark Engine

Publisher: Image Comics
Written by: Ryan Burton
Art by: John Bivens

Dragons, dinosaurs, alchemy, time travel and tits. If there was ever a formula crafted so perfectly to sell anything, this is it. So good, you probably didn’t pick up that those first two lines rhymed. This one isn’t for the kids, and definitely not for those who may have a sensitivity to comic-styled gore. Reading this first issue may seem slow, but leaves you wanting to continue the story once it comes to a close.

Dark Engine takes place in, what seems to be, a post apocalyptic Earth. Dragons and humans living together, but possibly not friendly. The humans are alchemists and mention they have sent a women, named Sym, to the past to correct the world and stop their enemies. I guess no one wears shirts in this future, but, hey, doesn’t matter saw boobs. The Dark Engine is what controls the time travel and is sentient itself. It also has a great ability to shoot tentacle type things out of the body in different directions to transport the host through time. At least, that’s how it seems to work. This brings in the previously mentioned dinosaurs which only adds to the coolness.

The first issue of any comic can’t really give you too much. It also shouldn’t leave you with nothing at all. Dark Engine balances these too with a unique story and fantastic art. Biven’s art itself is great and the proof lies within the number of pages that contain art without any words. Paying attention to the panels of art really help keep the story pushing forward and didn’t have any need for text.

If you happen to be going to the local comic shop and have some spare change to try a new comic, this one seems to be something that has great potential. I’m looking forward to Issue #2 to see if the story can hold my attention long term.