Interview with Actor William Sanderson!

Jennifer Jordan May 12, 2013
Interview with Actor William Sanderson!

An Interview with Actor William Sanderson

Jennifer and T.J. chat candidly with William Sanderson of Deadwood, Newhart, Lonesome Dove, True Blood, Blade Runner, and so many more fantastic screen productions.

Listen as the three talk about Deadwood, being humble, Mr Sanderson’s accent, and choosing roles. William Sanderson also discusses his recent filming experience on the upcoming film, A Friggin’ Christmas Miracle!

As most people know, Jennifer doesn’t typically take part in  interviews, but this is one of her favorite character actors! (Read more of what she thinks here.) This interview is truly a gem for anyone interested in a personal fan experience.



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  • Morgan Sandberg

    The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention just announced William Sanderson will be among the celebrity guests this year. The event is in Hunt Valley, which is not far from Baltimore, Sept. 18-20. He’s going to be there with Veronica Cartwright, Lana Wood, George Lazenby, Piper Laurie, and more.