John Flood #1 Review

Jennifer Hillman August 11, 2015
John Flood #1 Review
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Created and Written By: Justin Jordan 
Illustrations By: Jorge Coelho
Colors By:Tamra Bonvillain   Letters By: Ed Dukeshire

What is a person capable of when the need for sleep is removed? John Flood was part of a government experiment that removed his ability and need for sleep and in this six part series we explore what he is capable of with all that time. We learn what, I’m sure, many of our imaginations have already thought of such as reading more books than one single room in a house could hold as well as mastering more hobbies than possible following a normal sleeping routine. We also learn that John has mastered another ability that helps with solving crimes. I won’t presume to have a grasp on the ability as, even though the book explains it, I have not seen it applied to a situation yet. John’s ability is very intriguing and I cannot wait to see what comes of it within the story.

John Flood is certainly not the only interesting character we meet within this unfolding story. Alexander Barry is introduced to us as that one guy we all know that will stick up for a woman when she is being harassed. He seems to play the part of the nice-guy, well, until he is shown a viral video of something that required him to go on trial. The video images are vague at best but introduce an air of mystery and intrigue to this character. He is introduced to John by the end of the comic in a way that tells us that this story is going to be so strange we’ll love it.

John Flood is not a story that grabs our attention until at least the halfway mark where we see a highly detailed massacre that seems to have no rhyme or reason. Nothing is explained about this brutal string of murders except for a small glimpse at the end of the book that helps us piece together why Alexander and John need to work together.

The only issue I had was with the dialogue, it seemed a bit forced when I began reading but, even then, by the end I was able to read through it casually. If you are looking for a story of murder, mystery, and intrigue than I would urge you to give this mini-series a try. The art is wonderful, the story is compelling, and I cannot wait to see how everything comes together.