Memetic #2 Review

Noah Yoan November 26, 2014
Memetic #2 Review


Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Eryk Donovan

Memetic, in short, is a comic about a zombie apocalypse caused by a picture of a smiling sloth. That is what it is in essence. There is, of course more to it. It does have an interesting story behind it that is only just beginning to unfold, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

While I did enjoy reading this comic, I can’t say that it is without its flaws. The emotions of the characters in this zombie apocalypse seemed to be a bit rushed. It just didn’t seem as though they really felt much for all of the people around them that were dying. There were even loved ones and family members that had been shown to have died, and the characters’ reactions to this seemed, to me at least, little to none. Quick disclaimer: I don’t read or watch many zombie apocalypse things since I don’t like zombies and because of that, I may not know the standard amount of emotion shown by the characters in such situations.

Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed this comic. It’s a great story with an edgy art style fits very well. I will say that it isn’t something to read if you’re looking for laughs, but it isn’t entirely dark. Yes, the end of the human race is, admittedly, dark. However, the fact that it was brought on by a smiling sloth meme is, to me at least, comical. Plus, the story does give a fair amount of hope to the readers. There are, of course, individuals attempting to put everything right and find a cure. While the odds are not in their favor, the fact that the writer gave them a hope to fix everything, does mean that they may actually end up fixing everything. There is a possibility.

Now, again, zombies aren’t my thing. They never have been, but I can appreciate a good story. I would recommend this comic to anyone that likes plot and has an inquisitive nature.