ModMic 5 Review

David Lucier December 20, 2016
ModMic 5 Review

Review time again here at! Due to the wonders of busy real life, and timing, we have a direct sequel review for you! Welcome, the ModMic 5! A stand-alone microphone designed to be attached to any pair of headphones you want, and direct successor to the ModMic 4 we reviewed previously. Since we so recently (by our standards at least) covered the ModMic 4, we’ll keep it mostly to the new stuff in this review. If you’re unfamiliar with the ModMic, check out our original review here. Nothing has really changed with the concept.
Probably the biggest change is there are no longer multiple flavors of the Mod Mic. They’ve managed to combine the uni and omnidirectional mics into ONE unit! So no more deciding which one you need more, you now have both! There is a simple switch on the mouthpiece of the mic that lets you change on the fly between unidirectional and omnidirectional mode, which is amazingly easy to use. In addition it comes with a removable mute module so you can decide if you want/need that mute switch on your mic cable or not.


The removable mute module.


Everything still comes in the same very nice travel case, but there are some new extras here as well. First, my only real complaint last time was issues with the cord/cable management. It’s been fully usable, and has been my daily driver ever since I got it, but it was an inconvenience. This is completely fixed with the addition of TWO audio cable lengths, 1m and 2m. This 1m option is just SO much better for my setup its crazy. it almost perfectly matches the length of my headphone cable. and, for those who need it, adding in the the 2m cable makes it the same length as before, so you lose nothing. Also this modular approach makes the mod mice even more portable as the cord coming off the mic itself is less than a foot long, instead of a 3m long one at all times.

Continuing the trend of cable management, the clips are still present, and still work well. However we now have the added bonus of a 2m long cable wrap. This gives you the option to wrap your ModMic and headphone cable together in one nice neat package. The only issue here is the only included one is 2m, meaning you have to cut it to fit if you’re using the shorter cable, which is doable, but not as simple as grabbing a pair of scissors. Since this is because of the quality of the sleeve, and not the lack thereof its an acceptable compromise, if a bit of extra time and effort. For what its worth, I’ve been using it without the sleeve and have had no issues with just the clips.

Not much has changed with the ModMic’s looks. This time around it’s a bit chunkier, I assume because of the whole two mics in one thing. In addition it’s MUCH more stiff. to the point where I wasn’t sure for a minute if it was still bendable, and then had to use two hands to adjust it. This is not something that’s easy to adjust on the fly, but on the plus side it does mean it’s also not going to move once you’ve got it right, so personally I’ll take it. If you for some reason have to frequently make minor adjustments to your mics placement, you may want to be aware of this however.


ModMic 4


ModMic 5


So that brings us back to the selling points of ease of use and sound quality. I only ever used the unidirectional flavor of the ModMic 4, but I’ve noticed zero difference here in sound quality. To the point where people I talked to online had no idea I changed mics. To me this is a great thing, but if you were hoping for an upgrade here, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Fortunately the ModMic 4 was so good for the price that this is not a problem. The Omnidirectional mode also sounds great, and captures a lot of sound quite well, although I can’t confirm for sure if its just as good as the ModMic 4 was, I think its a pretty safe assumption.

This time around the ease of use is stellar. None of the issues from last time are left, and with all the extra management options this is likely to be true for you regardless of your setup, with the only difference being how long it takes you to get it right, with the effort of sleeving cables, and clips and testing with length you need etc. However in my view this is well worth it, and a positive. I’d rather spend twice the time in setup and not have to worry about it again than make minor adjustments a few times a week. This is where I’ve noticed the biggest difference for my personal use, and I love everything about it.

So, is this version of the mod mic worth it? If your in the market for an additional microphone, and don’t already have a ModMic then yes, VERY yes. The ease of use and sound quality is amazing even for the slightly higher price than last time around. If you already have a ModMic 4… then I don’t know. The extras are very nice, but unless you need to switch what kind of mic you have (unidirectional to omni, or vice versa) then I don’t see the $70 price tag being worth it for an upgrade, but if you really want or need more portability and cable management then the price may be worth it for you. Either way, you are certainly getting your monies worth with whats in the package. It’s up to you to decide if you need enough of whats in there to justify the cost.

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David Lucier