That’s Because You’re A Robot Review!

Tyler Leavy June 11, 2014
That’s Because You’re A Robot Review!

That’s Because You’re A Robot (One-Shot)

PublisherImage Comics
Written by: David Quantick
Art by: Skaky Kane

Sometimes you pick up a comic, or other form of entertainment, and it’s so intriguing, you question life. Other times, you question the piece’s existence. Many questions are brought to attention with this comic, but the main question that keeps being brought up is… why?

That’s Because You’re A Robot has a unique story set in the near future of Los Angeles. Friends, and partners in the L.A.P.D., Jeff and Matt discover that one of them is a robot, but don’t know which has the mechanical insides. The story starts off rather quick and straight to the point. Dialogue doesn’t seem to flow and at points seems forced, which could be the intentions of, writer, David Quantick. As if robots weren’t enough, we get a look at a few other interesting characters throughout this one-shot. We meet a man that can change his age on will known as, The Ager. If you’re still looking for more crazy, we also see a leprechaun, flying cowboy, and other sorts of baddies, that just happen to leave as quick as they arrive. Has your brain turned to mush yet?

This comic seems to be pushing too hard to be unique and strange, only to feel a bit childish at points. Humor is definitely prevalent and, maybe, that explains the randomness and lack of resolution, but it’s truly not for everyone. It almost seems like it was trying to hit a target audience that relies on being so obscure that if you don’t like it, you must not understand the point. Either way, this comic isn’t a personal favorite, but it does supply a short period of entertainment.